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Dine In Style Caterers

‘Caterers in Essex and Hampshire’ Priority Listing
"I received new enquiries within a week of my listing going live

A catering company is enjoying more enquiries as a result of a listing on

“Lots of new customers have been contacting me since the listing went live,” said Dine In Style Caterers owner Kevin Surbutt. “The response was very quick – after just a week of the listing going live I started to receive an increased number of enquiries.”

“I know this is a direct result of the listing, as it is marked which emails are coming from the catering4all site. This is a great facility, as it allows you to see where new enquiries are coming from.”

Kevin added: “Your listing system is very simple to sign-up to and is more than worth it for the positive impact it’s had on my business. I would definitely recommend other businesses get a listing to improve their online exposure.”

Dine In Style Caterers provides catering for any event - ranging from small birthday occasions to large weddings and conferences – within the Essex and Hampshire areas. The catering company also offers two portable kitchens.

Dine In Style Caterers
328 Upminster Road North,
RM13 9RY

Tel: 0870 803 4072
Fax: 0870 803 4073


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