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tips to find a good Caterer

When choosing a caterer to take care of the food and drinks at your wedding, corporate event, anniversary celebration, graduation ball, engagement party or birthday celebration , you'll want to make sure you get a reliable and professional caterer.

To help you select a good caterer, we’ve put together some top tips for distinguishing between the good guys and not-so-good guys:

Qualifications – Find out what qualifications and training the caterer has, and ask to see the certificates. If you do not know the organisation that presented the certificate, check this because you should only use caterers with nationally recognised qualifications.

Insurance – Check whether the caterer has insurance, and if they do, find out exactly what type of things the insurance covers.

Fresh Food – You want the food served at your celebration to be as new and fresh as possible so ask the catering firm whether they use fresh food and produce. Some caterers use frozen or canned foods but the best caterers make everything from scratch.

Portions – If you’re planning a formal sit-down meal then it’s important to find out the size of the portions, particularly if you’ve got steak on the menu. It’s also worth checking the portions for a buffet to ensure there’s enough for everyone, even the very hungry guests.

Taste Testing – Some caterers hold taste testing sessions a few times a year and this is worth checking out particularly for bride and grooms, who usually have about a year to plan their event and so have time to taste samples from the menus to find a selection to meet their needs.

Health Inspected Kitchen – It is vital that you make sure your caterer prepares the food in a health inspected and approved commercial kitchen. Many caterers start small catering companies from their home with no approved or inspected kitchen, but to ensure the food you eat is safe you should hire a caterer who uses a commercial kitchen.

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